HR Management Software For 2020: Features & Performance Comparison

HR Management Software For 2020: Features & Performance Comparison

Most companies in the world would agree that people are the backbone of their operations. From day one of any business, it’s the people- business owners, managers and employees- who set up, function and manage everyday affairs. As a firm thrives, more people join, teams expand and business grows. With time, managing the ‘human resources’ falls into the hands of the HR team and their software systems.

While most HR operations are human-centric, HR and payroll software can help in organizing and automating most of the processes involved in resource management. Over the years, the popularity of HR software has skyrocketed, making it a billion-dollar industry. Current estimates show that the HR software market is set to reach $10.9 billion by 2023.

During the initial days of its inception, HR software was mostly in-house built or licensed on-premise software. With limited features like storing employee records and actioning payroll, these systems were very basic. However, today these kinds of software are rapidly evolving and keeping pace with the change of time. Today, HR and payroll software is cloud-based, feature several different applications, and have become user-friendly.

Many popular HR management software available in the market serve the increased customer expectations by freeing up HR professionals to concentrate on other organizational activities like recruitment, talent management, company culture, and branding programs.

In this article, we will compare and discuss the features of 8 popular HR and payroll management systems currently used in the GCC region.

Features and Performance Evaluation

Over the years there have been some changes in the conventional segments of HR and payroll management software. However, even today, the most common ones are payroll, time and attendance, resource information management and benefits management. Today, with the increased emphasis on the role of the HR department in employee performance management, it is also considered as a core operation of HR operations. Additionally, the department also partakes in talent acquisition and training if necessary in some organizations.

Let us examine the major modules in an HR management system and evaluate how the different HR software we have chosen to perform.

  • Payroll Module

Most HR SaaS (software as a service) companies consider Payroll Module as the most crucial component of the HR management software. As payment of each employee depends upon several factors from their designation, daily wage, number working days and overtime payments. When payroll is automated using the HR management software, it effectively reduces human efforts and errors. While continuous monitoring is necessary to update the system for yearly bonuses, raises, and weekly overtime, the overall management can be easily functioned by the software with the right input. Here is a comparison of the top HR software in the region and the features included in their payment module.

HR software in dubai

The cloud-based software from Emirates HR has an all comprehensive payroll module that manages everything from multiple payrolls, automated calculations to advances management. Gulf HR, Bayzat and 1 Clique System also have most features, making them ideal for smaller companies with lesser requirements. Depending upon the vendor, each of these software platforms may be further customizable as required, to ease the payroll processing.

  • Leave management

The leave management module is another essential part of any good HR management software. With the right access, HR managers and employees can add, review and approve leave requests, manage the absences and integrate this data with the payroll system during salary rollout. With automated software, the leave management application proceeds smoothly without compromising on functionality.

Here is a comparison of the leave management modules provided by HR software vendors in the GCC.

HR software in dubai

With multiple management features, Emirates HR once again leads the front. Here, the features of the module are interconnected and are required to completely manage employee leaves and absences. As the reports of this module are required to process payroll, it is essential to have all of these features incorporated in the software one chooses for their business.

  • Document Management

Employee document management pertains to the filing, retaining and removal of company records according to the organizational complaints. Even in this digital age, some of the companies in the region maintain physical documents instead due to a lack of knowledge about the existence of document management modules in HR management software.

Document management systems help increase HR productivity by centralizing and streamlining documents. Comprehensive systems also help identify metrics and analytics based on the submitted details while securing them according to complaints.

Here is a comparison of document management functionalities of HR software vendors in GCC.

HR software in dubai

As mentioned, there is a gap in the market in identifying the need for a document management module to aid HR teams manage employee documents. While Vendors like Emirates HR and 1Clique System have understood the need and importance of this, HR teams in GCC-based companies have to change fundamentally to realize and fully utilize these features.

  • Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an essential part of keeping up the general morale of any organization. And managing the same can be quite a task, especially in companies with bigger teams. Benefits managers usually administer a set of benefits programs that include insurance policies for health, life, disability, and wellness programs, leave policies and gratuity. Some organizations even provide flight and other discounts. To fully manage these requirements, it is necessary to have a system that addresses all of these.

Let’s take a look at our vendors.

HR software in dubai

With a sound understanding of the need to automate employee benefits filing and management, Emirates HR has an all comprehensive module. The system allows seamless integration of medical insurance policies and networks with the company’s health benefits. Similarly, forecasting and calculating end of service gratuity and benefits can be extremely complex. With the help of such a system which can cleverly compiles total liabilities and provision reports, it is easier to provide annual payment estimates beneficial for both the employee and employer.

  • Performance management

There is no debate when it comes to the need for a performance management system for any enterprise. But what if it comes as part of the HR management software? Nothing sets the processes easier. All activities and outputs that meet an organization’s goals are evaluated efficiently and effectively. Here is a quick look at the vendors we are evaluating.

HR software in dubai

It comes as no surprise that vendors like Emirates HR and Gulf HR has foreseen the need for an integrated performance management system. From managing performance, goals, feedback, and appraisals to creating relevant performance reports, these systems streamline processes and reduce manual efforts considerably.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the many requirements of the HR management landscape can be quite daunting. With multiple choices and the extended customizations available for each of these systems, HR and payroll management software are undoubtedly becoming mainstream in the GCC. With the adoption of the cloud, the complexity of HR software and the migration of data from existing systems to new once have become fairly easy. In a nutshell, automation and electronic management of HR operations will become vital for GCC companies to function seamlessly in the near future. So, when the time comes, make an educated choice to adopt an all-comprehensive and customizable software vendor.

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