How To Make The Most Out Of Your Hotel Staycation in Dubai

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Hotel Staycation in Dubai

Have you ever been on a staycation? This seems to be the latest craze in the travel and tourism industry. The concept of staying in a place and experiencing the wonderful cultural offerings of the destination at your preferred pace seems particularly appealing to people who want to spend a relaxing weekend getaway with their families or friends.

Staycation is certainly a radical concept, targeting families and individuals who want to have a relaxing yet memorable vacation. If your idea of a dream vacation is trouble-free holidays, cozy rooms, and plenty of fun with your friends or family, then choose Dubai for your next staycation.

Dubai has gained a reputation for high-quality tourism and hospitality, delectable gastronomic range, extravagant shopping, and tons of great city stuff to do. The city is the most popular destination for tourism in the Middle East and has openly supported the idea of a staycation.

Staycation is all about experiencing a relaxing and carefree vacation and while spending most of your time in a hotel, resort, or wherever you are staying.

The following staycation ideas will allow you to relax and have fun in style. Use some of these ideas to make the most out of your staycation in Dubai with the whole family or with your buddies:

Go Swimming

Take advantage of the swimming pool amenities in the hotel you are staying in. It may not be the sea, but it’s a wonderful way to release built-up energy and adds some fun to your stay.

Signature 1 hotels in Al Barsha Dubai offer a relaxing infinity pool facing the fascinating Marina skyline so you can enjoy a good afternoon swim with a fascinating view.

Plan An Entire Spa Day

Check out the spa and massage services that are offered in the area. A spa retreat will make your staycation feel more like resort living. You deserve to be pampered while you’re on a break. 

Signature 1 hotels in Al Barsha Dubai has a health club and spa where guests can enjoy a relaxing massage.

Indulge In A Bit of Shopping

Visit the many popular shopping destinations around the city and go on a shopping spree with your family.

You can check out the Gold Souk for your metal and jewelry needs or visit the massic Mall of Emirates where you can shop from over a thousand brands and stores.

If you want to go bigger, check out the largest shopping mall in Dubai, the Dubai Mall. While you’re there, you can check out the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which is located inside the mall.

Visit the Madinat Jumeirah for a more eclectic and traditional shopping experience and take a stroll through its many winding alleys filled with spices, carpets, ornaments, crafts and more.

Take a quick stroll outside of your hotel room

You can go out to find exciting things to do within a 50-mile radius. You can buy fruits and prepare snacks for a picnic lunch. 

You can explore locations or things that you didn’t even know existed before, through scenic bike rides, nature walks or by hanging out in a nearby park.

It will be energizing and calming at the same time to savor the fresh air, nature, and a bit of exercise.

Check the local events near you

Search online to see if your hotel is hosting any special events during your stay.

You can also look at the local calendar and check out events that you and your family or friends can attend like a musical festival, concert, outdoor play, or art exhibit. 

During the holiday seasons, Dubai frequently hosts free community events, from evening film showing to concerts. Figure out what the city has to offer, and check out as many events and happenings as you can.

You can ask the hotel receptionists about any events in the hotel or around the area. They will be happy to help you.

Sleep in

signature 1 hotels

Whether on a hammock under the trees or on a soft mattress, recreate the indulgent, not-a-care-in-the-world experience of taking a short, soothing nap. Get that much-needed rest that you deserve!

Introduce The Flavors Of The World To Your Taste Buds

Choose a restaurant from another part of the world every night — Korean, Mediterranean, Indian, it’s your call. Whether it’s a well-known local fixture or a “best-kept secret” hole-in-the-wall, make a search for the best restaurants in the area for a gastronomic feast.

Dubai has become the melting pot of worldwide cuisine. It has become Michelin star chefs’ ultimate favorite food destination and renowned dining establishments in the area are focused on providing holistic dining experiences.

Read That Book You’ve Been Meaning To Finish

Whether you’re in love with romance novels or thrilling reads, don’t forget to pack some hot titles and set aside plenty of time to get lost. Take yourself somewhere that technology won’t distract you and let the book take you away.

Detox From Social Media

Speaking of avoiding distractions from technology, it is best to disconnect from the online world for a while. Wait until the end of your staycation before uploading those great photos.

Disconnect from your mobile and social media as much as you can, you can make your staycation feel even more worth it. Make the most out of the solitude and enjoy the time you and your friends or family have together.

Squeeze In A Bit Of Workout

Consider buying a pass to an exercise class you’ve always wanted to try during your staycation like yoga or kickboxing! It can be fun to switch your normal exercise routine and stay active while on vacay.

For a more budget-friendly option, you can take advantage of the free fitness center or gym in your hotel. Signature 1 Hotels’ facilities include a fully equipped Gym or fitness center so you can squeeze a bit of workout.

Bottom Line

Just because you’re on a staycation, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make the most out of your trip. Consider taking advantage of short distance spots like the beach, malls, or parks if you feel like leaving the confines of the hotel.

Your staycation is not supposed to set you back. Instead, take a “staycation” to enjoy the best of both worlds: a relaxing experience paired with reasonable costs.

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