Best Ways of Advertising


Advertising is a form of marketing communication which has a purpose of  promoting or selling a product. It is directed to various or particular groups of people. There are different ways to reach targeted groups. I will discuss some of the most popular and also effective ways of advertising.


Print media advertising probably has the longest history in promoting. Even though internet is getting more and more involved in our everyday life, it still can be effective way to promote your business. Even today a lot of people prefer reading magazines and newspapers, because of their affordability. When it comes to advertising for vacant positions in labor or upcoming local events, print media advertising might even be the best choice. You should keep in mind that circulation is very important in print advertising as more circulated publication tends to reach more readers. Knowing where to publish is also essential.


Digital media advertising is probably the most popular and widespread way of advertising. Its popularity is based on many factors including its accessibility, the role of internet and social media in modern life. Good thing about this way of promoting products is that you can easily reach different  groups of people. But reaching a lot of people can be considered as both advantage and disadvantage of digital advertising. It can be perceived as an unwanted content, for those who are not interested and simply are not the targets of your ads. Some of those people start ad blocking for different reasons.

Outdoor advertising is also very popular promoting technique. Huge, colorful billboards, truck sides or bus shelters immediately draw our attention.


Cinema is also very popular when it comes to  Advertising. Moviegoers can’t avoid or skip through pre-movie ads. Creative, captive, unique ads will be remembered by the audience even after they leave the cinema.  Your product can look even more appealing and desirable on gigantic screen and through quality audio systems. So pre-movie advertising can be extremely useful if done properly.

TV advertising has been popular for a long time. But I want to talk about one very unique and unusual way of TV- advertising offered by a company called ‘Smarty’. Smarty is an international advertising company in Dubai that gives big or small business companies the opportunity that none of any other companies do: advertising on all TV channels at the same time. Besides the high quality services and professional staff, the thing that makes this company so special is that for the first time in the history, their platform pays viewers if they take time and watch the ads. You heard it right, Smarty rewards us, the audience of advertising for being a target group. The popularity, success and world wide recognition of Smarty tells a lot about the brilliance of this remarkable way of advertising. Smarty is considered to be N1 TV-advertising company in the world. Its unique, creative way of promoting leaves both business and targeted groups happy with the outcome.


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