In the modern world advertising is one of the most important things in business. It is the way of
communication with the customers to inform them about the things you have to offer. Creating
quality ads which represent your company at its best and reaching a lot of people is essential to
the success. You will need professional to assist you through the process of getting desired
There are various ways of advertising but two of them: Print and digital advertising are
considered to be the most effective and easily reachable for various groups of people.
Both of these ways of advertising often have different purposes, targets, and techniques to reach
the customers and of course advantages and disadvantages.
Print, also known as an old-school advertising uses magazines, newspapers and other printed
media, for reaching customers. Some people think that in the modern, technological era
choosing print advertising is not rational anymore, but it can definitely be considered as the
effective tool in some cases. Because of its affordability compared to the computers or internet
access, newspapers and magazines are still popular today. Although. you should post your ad
in a relevant printed media, so it reaches the targeted group of people. We can consider the
cost as the disadvantage of print advertising, as it can be way more expensive than digital
Digital, also known as a new school Advertising uses the Internet: social media, email, o banner
ads and etc. to reach the consumers. Variability of the costs is one of the most significant
advantages of digital advertising. This form of advertising gives the opportunity of fitting in the
fixed budget, whereas, print advertising is associated with the flat fees. The other major
advantage is that the digital ads can be catchy and also interactive as besides of putting ads on
various websites there are so many creative ways to reach people: short videos, interesting
presentations, brief games. That kind of experience is more enjoyable and memorable for the
Here at Qambt we offer you both these ways of advertising. Our professional personnel ensures
you get quality service. With the help of our experienced staff members and your own desires,
we will figure out which way of advertising is better for your business and design special, unique
ads for you. We provide quality service for the reasonable price and guarantee you will be happy
with our correspondence. By using unique, interactive and catchy ads we will make sure you
reach targeted groups of people. We as a group of advertisers guide you, a business company,
to more success and make sure you reach desired popularity.

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