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Qambt is a marketing company in Dubai, with a team of professionals who help businesses to improve their performance and reach their goals through marketing. Our company has been growing and progressing ever since it was created and has become competitive and desired across the United Arab Emirates. Our diverse and talented team brings local insights combined with global thinking and offers uniquely excellent service to the customers. We are one of the leading, competitive marketing companies in the UAE. Our main goal is to bring your stories to life and connect you with the audience in a creative way.


We have a team of professionals, who have a great experience in each sphere they work in. Most of them have worked and got educated in various countries around the globe and thus, gained a great knowledge in every aspect of marketing. We offer various ways of advertising, simply everything started from printed media to digital media advertising. We bring creative ideas and provide quality service to the customers, who are always happy with the outcome. We care about you and your company. When you reach us, we learn your business thoroughly, have a conversation with you, give some advice about what we think will work best for your company and help you with making an optimal decision. Finally, we create ads that reflect our experience and creativity combined with your desires and values.

"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything."

T. Tolis

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Here at Qambt we care about relationships with our customers and provide quality service in a pleasant atmosphere. We are results-focused and do our best to bring your vision and story to life, help you to become competitive and popular by reaching the audience in a creative way. We are a trustworthy company that has helped a great amount of businesses with reaching success. Through our commitment to creativity, innovation and inspiration we bring a rewarding experience to you and your audience. We guarantee that outcome you experience will exceed your expectations.

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